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EU funding programme

Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe. Read more on the ProMine website.

IRMCo's role

Leading the Workpackage dedicated to Knowledge Management gave us a central role to play in ProMine where we adopted a wide range of creative initiatives and practices in order to capture, integrate and transfer knowledge arising throughout the full duration of the project life-cycle.

Kickstarting with an Overall Communication Strategy and a Gender Action plan; we involved stakeholders from different trades in crucial milestones of go/no-go decision-making milestones for the newly developed products.

Based on thorough research and assessment of policies, socio-economic indicators, good practices and good governance, we compiled a set of recommendations for a Sustainable, Competitive, Responsible and Acceptable mining industry in Europe.

To disseminate the insights and results of the project, we developed a wide array of activities and material to tell the ProMine story, targeting decision-makers, prospective end users as well as the wider public.

If you would like to learn more about ProMine, please visit the ProMine website and our YouTube Channel.
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