IRMCo was founded in 1994 by Anna Spiteri and Dirk de Ketelaere.

We know we live in a fast changing world impacted by challenges including Water Scarcity, Food Security, Climate Change, Raw Materials depletion, rising mountains of Waste, and many more. These environmental challenges constantly keep shaping our Roadmap of where we should be heading and what we need to deliver as a company.

And at IRMCo we are equipped to meet the 21st century challenges with 1) a strong academic background in various disciplines: Hydrology, Earth Sciences, Earth Observation and GIS, Anthropology, Urban Studies, Gender Studies, and 2) a portfolio of several years’ experience in research projects in various countries, and 3) an aptitude to strive to achieve the impossible, “to look where everyone else has looked, but to see what no else has seen”!


Our Mission is to ensure that our research projects achieve a significant long term impact & become a worthwhile endeavour for partners, stakeholders & endusers in every country we work in.

Our Roadmap guides our mission & demands to address the same enduring “what is the value?” questions. These guide our purpose as a research company and serve as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Our compass revolves round:

  • How do we transform the present paradigm into a better one?
  • How do we integrate the innovative with the traditional?
  • How do we contribute to the capacity building process?
  • How do we add to the “capital” of the local community?
  • How do we instil a sense of ownership?
  • How do we bring in a process of social learning?
  • How do we cultivate champions & create multiplier effects?



Our vision embraces our Roadmap and inspires every aspect of our Environmental Services. We strive to achieve to:

  • Build networks of mutual trust with multi actors
  • Embrace an all inclusive approach across countries
  • Create multi participatory environments
  • Empower local communities
  • Resurrect hidden knowledge & world views
  • Foster a new type of land & water governance through stewardship
  • Be always accountable to the seventh generation

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